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About Us.

Erik Erikson

Founder & President

n November 8. 1991, God spoke to evangelist Erik Erikson to build a Christian TV station in Iceland. Erik applied for a TV broadcasting licence, and finally secured a license to broadcast 24 hrs. After nine months of preparation, the Christian Television went on the air, on July 28, 1992.

In the beginning, Gospel Channel had only a 10 watt transmitter, but one year later, it was upgraded to a 1000 watt transmitter with three repeaters. Later on, a high power transmitter was added.

Gospel Channel has received visits from many preachers of the Gospel and prepared several crusades in Iceland. The largest crusades in Iceland, were in 1994 and 1995, when Gospel Channel helped to bring evangelist to Iceland and thousands came to Christ. Now 80% of the population in Iceland can receive Gospel Channel through terrestrial transmitters and cable systems.

Gospel Channel is now on a satellite that is dedicated for Scandinavia and also available to 12 million homes in UK, Ireland and Scotland through BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting) on the satellite Eurobird that also reaches a large area of Europe. The broadcasting through BSkyB was a big step of faith and has turned out to be a great blessing with wonderful response from the viewers.

The programs on Gospel Channel are from world known television ministries, talks shows, and Gospel music programs.

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