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Gospel Channel
From Iceland to the Nations

For over thirty years, Gospel Channel has pioneered Christian Television in Iceland and Scandinavia—driven by a Divine mandate to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ into every home in the world.

Premium Christian Programming
Gospel Channel is host to both the well-known and the humble—broadcasting top-quality Christian programming that both inspires and edifies. No matter where you are in the world, we‘re bringing a message of encouragement and hope to the entire body of Christ.
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cable, satellite & internet television

Allente is a premium Nordic TV distribution service offering high-quality satellite & internet television to millions across Scandinavia.

T-We (Telenor)

Telenor is Norway's largest digital content provider delivering incredible access to a wide array of programming to millions across Norway.

thor 5

Thor 5 is a Norwegian telecommunications satellite, offering comprehensive Nordic, pan-European and Middle Eastern coverage.

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about our network
From its humble beginnings as a 10-watt television transmitter, Gospel Channel now reaches millions of homes through digital cable, satellite television & IPTV.
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Allente is a Nordic TV distributor that offers TV solutions via satellite TV and IPTV to 1.2 million customers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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Telenor is a leading TV content distributor in Scandinavia, with over 2.9 million customers served. With Telenor T-We, access everything you want to see in one place.

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Thor 5 is Telenor's Norwegian telecommunications satellite that offers Nordic, Pan-European and Middle Eastern coverage.

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